The Rural Theology Association – Using a Commercial dishwasher in a rural setting

In rural setting, using Industrial dishwasher is offering cafe, restaurants and even Christian theological organisations to automate certain parts of their business. Often, due to the low staff levels being in these remote rural places, when business really does pick up at certain times of the day, glass washing and having someone to clean the dishes can be low on the priority list. This can often cause things like glasses and dishes to pile up and really slow a kitchen down, this is where a commercial dishwasher really come into their own.

When is a commercial dishwasher right for a rural business or association?

There are a number of circumstances that make a pass-through or front loading dishwasher perfect for a rural business or association. For example if staff only work at certain times of the day as can sometimes be the case for small establishments, a dish-washing machine allows them to get on with other tasks while the dishes are getting rinsed which can be invaluable.

The Rural Theology Association – Home an automated curtains are changing rural homes

On a daily basis we speak to a large number of people who are telling us that they’re increasingly beginning to use an electric curtain rail or and electric curtain track in their own homes. The reason that we write about this fact is because we’ve used a form of automated curtains in our own offices and they’ve made a big difference to our staff.

No longer do we have to designate someone to walk around at the end of the day and close all the curtains, we’ve simply set a pre-defined time for the curtains to close on their own without the need for us to do anything. Our electric curtain rail doesn’t look all that different from the old one that we had in place anyway!

rural theology association electric curtain rail